Sunfix - Overview

Profitable in every way

The new Sunfix Bisun mounting system is revolutionising solar power generation on flat roofs. It has been especially developed for bifacial solar modules. It ensures a high diffuse irradiation on the backside of the module through a high clearance of more than 30 cm between the modules and the surface of the roof. The ideal distance for maximum yields on flat roofs.

Simple installation

Sunfix Bisun consists of just five pre-assembled components (front support, connection support, back support, ballast tray, cable clip). It is attached quickly and safely by using ballasting.

Flexible application

Whether bitumen, gravel or membrane – the Sunfix Bisun is suitable for all standard flat roof types. It is also great for vegetated roofs : thanks to the height of the system, shading on the solar modules caused by vegetation is reduced to a minimum. 

Quality that impresses

The Sunfix Bisun has a durable and weather-resistant design. Embrittlement and rusting are not an issue.

  • Sunfix Bisun

  • Sunfix Bisun

Product benefits at a glance

  • High energy yields due to irradiation on the backside of the solar modules
  • Easy installation thanks to pre-assembled components
  • Rugged and durable components thanks to high-quality materials
  • Ideal weight distribution due to large ballast trays
  • Wind tunnel tested and certified
  • Hardly any shading effects on green roofs

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