Suntrol Monitoring System

All output at a glance

As an owner of a solar power system from SolarWorld, you expect optimum output. The Suntrol products from SolarWorld were developed to display this information on and inside the building, or to monitor system information online from anywhere in the world.

Suntrol portal

The Suntrol Internet portal provides system operators with an overview of all their performance data on a PC or smartphone at all times. Moreover, the monthly and annual yields are recorded and graphically evaluated. And if you use an electronic domestic supply meter, there is an added option for displaying your own energy consumption. This provides a precise overview of how much of your own electricity you have consumed and when, as well as tips on how to increase this amount. Efficient yield monitoring helps to quickly detect possible deviations and remedy their causes. This enables your customers to recognize any system errors before they receive their bill.

Solar-Log data logger

The Solar-Log data logger enables comprehensive monitoring of the SolarWorld solar power system. It comes in three variants, which depend on the size and scope of the solar power system. The data logger is connected to the inverter of the solar power system via an RS485 interface. You can monitor the performance of the solar power system, the inverters, and the projected output and degradation calculations online and at any time online at the Suntrol portal.
The power management function gives the possibility to prohibit a grid feed in.