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  • 5.1 kWh LFP Battery
  • 5.1 kWh – 38.4 kWh Scalable
  • One Battery-Box Premium HVS is composed of 2 to 5 HVS battery modules that are connected in series to achieve a usable capacity of 5.1 to 12.8 kWh
  • Additionally, direct parallel connection of up to 3 identical Battery-Box Premium HVS allows a maximum capacity of 38.4 kWh



BYD (Build Your Dreams) is a multinational high-tech company with more than 230,000 employees. Since its foundation in 1995, the company quickly developed solid expertise in rechargeable batteries and became a relentless advocate of sustainable development, successfully expanding its renewable energy solutions globally with operations in over 70 countries and regions.

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