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LV5.0 LFP Battery

  • 5 kWh LFP battery
  • 100% DOD
  • 200A Peak Charge/Discharge capability for 10s (thus able to handle loads with high in rush current)
  • Can be expanded from 5kWh to 160kWh.
  • Configures automatically
  • Higher energy density
  • No external PDU/BMU required
  • More compact (195mm x 595mm x 255mm)
  • Easier cable connection
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • New app supports remote monitoring and operation (can update firmware remotely if battery connected with internet)
  • Current compatible inverters: Solis/ Deye / Victron/ Megarevo (more inverter brands to be added)



BYD (Build Your Dreams) is a multinational high-tech company with more than 230,000 employees. Since its foundation in 1995, the company quickly developed solid expertise in rechargeable batteries and became a relentless advocate of sustainable development, successfully expanding its renewable energy solutions globally with operations in over 70 countries and regions.

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