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Flat roof systems

Beside the usual simplicity and reliability, the new 2.0 version has more distance to the roofing which makes it easier to compensate roof unevenness and to simplify the wire management. It comes with a new ballast tray that can be used for all system types. With this version more ballast can be installed for high wind loads and the point loads are evenly distributed in the case of soft roof insulation.

Quick and easy installation 1 kWp in 5 min. with 2 men
More distance to the roofing
Inter-row spacing für 18° and 25° sun angle
Optimal water drain
New ballast tray for all systems



Alumero’s economic mounting systems are standing out because its statically optimized profiles and pre-mounted components are long lasting and fast to install on pitched roof, flat roof and ground mount installations.

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