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BLACK – the epitome of elegance

STC power: 375-395 Wp
Color of frame: Black
Backsheet: High-barrier construction, Black
Cell technology: Heterojunction, Monochrystaline, n-Si
Number of cells: 120 half-cut
Dimensions in mm: L: 1767 W: 1041 H: 35
Efficiency: 20.4-21.5 %
Weight: 19.7 kg
Voc: 44.5-44.7 V
Product and Performance warranty: 25 years

More Efficient
More Sustainable
Meyer Burger

For over 30 years, our technologies have been shaping the solar world and providing clean energy. Now we’re taking the next step. With Swiss precision and German engineering, we have developed next-generation solar modules. Powerful, elegant, forward-looking.
Make yourself independent, and discover the unique performance of our modules for yourself.

Get more out of the sun
Thanks to our patented and enhanced Heterojunction/SmartWire technology, our solar cells achieve a significantly higher energy yield than modules with common PERC technologies. That makes our solar modules the most powerful ones on the market.
And our innovation is paying off, as you can achieve much more yield – up to 20 percent – for the same amount of roof space.

Durability and elegant design
Our modules are high quality and perfectly processed. The SWCT™ technology used in our modules improves cell stability and makes the modules less susceptible to so-called micro-cracks, one of the most common reasons for energy losses in solar modules. And the ultra-stable special backsheet further protects the cells from moisture and other environmental influences.

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