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Sun Power VR L Lead Acid

Nominal voltage, capacity: 2V 250 – 3500 Ah
Durability in cycles: 5.600 cycles at 30% DoD, 3.000 cycles at 50% DoD (Cell)
Technology: Lead-acid

The HOPPECKE sun | power VR L is a sealed lead-acid battery for cyclical applications. Our innovative gel technology makes it virtually maintenance-free – replenishment with water is not necessary. Use of a proven tubular plate design ensures excellent cycle stability during operation with partial discharge (partial state of charge), as in village power supplies, for example. A format proven to DIN makes it extremely versatile. The option for horizontal arrangement means the sun | power VR L makes ideal use of existing spaces. The use of HOPPECKE system connectors results in it providing increased short-circuit protection even during installation.

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