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Battery Module

Most advanced and efficient battery module on the market
Every module has it’s own Active Battery Optimizer (ABO) by TESVOLT 4.8 kWh
Suitable for Off-Grid, agriculture, commercial & industrial as well as utility applications

C-Rate 1C (4C max. 20 sec.)
Cells Lithium-NMC prismatic (Samsung SDI)
Cycles @ 100% DoD | 70% EoL | 23°C +/-5°C 1C/1C 6,000
Cycles @ 100% DoD | 70% EoL | 23°C +/-5°C 0,5C/0,5C 8,000
Efficiency (battery) up to 98%
Operating voltage 44.8 to 58.1V
Operating temperature -10 to 50°C
Humidity 0 to 85% (non-condensing)
Certificates/norms UL 1642, UN 38.3
Warranty 10-year performance, 5-year product warranty

The Active Battery Optimizer (ABO) is a technological innovation “Made in Germany” by TESVOLT. The ABO not only optimizes the cells within the battery modules, but also the individual battery modules in relation to one another. This process is the only one of its kind worldwide and, for the first time, ensures that an investment in a modular lithium storage system is both safe and sustainable.


TESVOLT manufacture Award Winning industry record, made in Germany, lithium-ion based power storage units with maximum durability – low & high voltage solutions for On – and Off – Grid use.

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