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TS HV 70

Battery storage TS HV 70 
Energy: (14  / 16 Modules) 67 / 76 kWh, 100 % DOD
Charge- / Discharge-Rate: 1C / 1C
Operating voltage: 627 V – 814 V
Cell-technology: Li-NMC prismatic (Samsung SDI)
Max. battery efficiency: 98 %

Commercial application, agriculture and industry
Particular low cost per kWh stored (approx. 10 Euro cents)
Battery voltage from 575V to 1000V
Optimized for use with 3-phase SMA Tripower Storage 60
Battery modules can be exchanged, even after years down the road
Built to last 30 years or 8.000 full cycles (0.5 C / 0.5 C)

Areas of application
Increase self consumption
Ancillary services
Diesel hybrid optimization

10 years capacity guarantee
5 years system guarantee

SMA Tripower Storage 60
Max. DC charging power:  60 kW
DC voltage range: 575 V – 1000 V
Max. DC current: 140A

Modular expandable to the MW range
Easy to integrate through standard Modbus communication
Suitable for high-voltage batteries
Four quadrant operation





TESVOLT manufacture Award Winning industry record, made in Germany, lithium-ion based power storage units with maximum durability – low & high voltage solutions for On – and Off – Grid use.

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