40 year anniversay

We are Solarworld

SOLARWORLD stands for efficient photovoltaic technology, highly reliable deliveries and attractive prices.

We design, plan, procure and ship complete photovoltaic systems as well as single components. Our portfolio covers the whole range of PV technologies, from large commercial projects to power supply for remote rural areas.

More than 35 000 projects over 40 years contributed to our extensive know-how of manufacturers and markets. The decades-long experience, the continuous product testing and quality assurance and the invaluable insights gained from the existing installations give us the edge in delivering PV systems of exceptional efficiency.

Present in Africa since 1984, the current management and part of the team have been active in our Cape Town office since 2008. Our rich knowledge of Africa enables us to successfully navigate even the most complex logistical challenges.

The wide variety and the careful selection of the product ranges in our local inventory and the longstanding partnerships with leading global manufacturers allow us to offer premium products at the best prices, often on very short notice. Additionally, we assist our customers with experienced First Level Support as well as with complex technical enquiries, with the support of the highly proficient technical teams of our international partners.

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The use of photovoltaic enables agricultural growth, environmentally friendly energy supply and enhanced comfort and security. It can reduce costs and is a sound business investment in every sphere. No matter what your plans and needs are, high efficiency and reliability are crucial for the long-term success.

The availability and the affordable prices are essential for the planning and implementation at every stage.  We offer our expert support for the technical planning and reliable delivery of On- and Off-Grid components and systems.

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Pioneering the implementation of embedded generation in the C&I market, SOLARWORLD supplied into various lighthouse projects in Africa. Rooftop installations on Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, Agricultural Production and Cold Storage as well as Carport Solutions – from 50kWp to > 1MWp we provide the product combination that supports your commercial or industrial needs.


Offering premium products for all residential needs, enables our Partners to provide any solution. From Up-Market Housing, Tourism to most crucial Home Energy Supply. The integration of matching storage solutions offers the user freedom of choice – from energy back-up or self-consumption optimization to fully independent energy solutions.


SOLARWORLD supplies into Telecommunication, Water-Pumping and Water-Purification, Streetlight Projects to Rural Mini-Grids. The solutions implemented in the field are changing people’s life and enable the access to modern media and information, education, health care and clean water all over the African continent.


We support you in designing highly efficient and reliable photovoltaic systems. The optimized compatibility of components and software is of essential importance for the efficiency and operational reliability of the PV system. Area of application, environment and use define the project -specific requirements.

We design optimal solutions and offer consolidated delivery of all essential components from one source.

Our portfolio includes only manufacturers of products with highest guaranteed quality. We have a wide knowledge of the African environment, climate, building methods and existing energy sources.

The design of a system is based on the experience and insights from more than 35 000 projects, performance analysis of the existing installations and continuous and rigorous product and system testing.

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Schematic diagram Off-Grid PV system

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We arrange reliable deliveries across the whole African continent, with its heterogeneous mix of countries, borders, infrastructures, languages, and trade and customs regulations.

Our 40 years of experience have allowed us to establish a network of trusted local and international logistics partners, so we can successfully navigate the diverse logistical challenges. At present we offer secure and dependable transport as a standard service. The wide variety of products we offer from our local warehouse allow us to deliver quickly and safely, even on short notice.


We offer Premium Products at Best Prices. The quality of components and a harmonized system design warrant the efficiency and reliability of a solar system.

Our long-term cooperation with leading global manufacturers of pioneering technologies, the procurement volumes and the careful selection of our local stock allow us to offer premium products at attractive prices. This winning combination results in an excellent price – performance ratio.


First office in Nigeria

The opening of the first African office in Lagos, as ARCO Solar Nigeria Ltd., laid the foundation of today’s SOLARWORLD.

Solar modules on the Erichsfelde farm, Central Namibia

SOLARWORLD Africa’s partner Solar Age Namibia installed a solar electricity system of 21 Arco Solar modules on the farm “Erichsfelde” in Central Namibia.

Siemens invests in Africa

In 1990 Siemens took over the ARCO business and established the headquarters in Midrand, South Africa.

Solar modules in the Eastern Cape in South Africa

SOLARWORLD Africa’s partner Telecom Techniques installed their first installation of Siemens solar modules in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Royal Dutch Shell takes over the company

In 2002 Royal Dutch Shell acquired the solar activities from Siemens and opened an office as Shell Solar in Midrand, South Africa.

Shell Solar becomes SOLARWORLD

The German SolarWorld AG completes the takeover of Shell’s solar crystalline activities and founds the SOLARWORLD Africa. The office of SOLARWORLD Africa is located in Midrand, South Africa.

SOLARWORLD Africa moves offices to Cape Town

In 2008 the offices of SOLARWORLD Africa were moved to Cape Town, South Africa.

SOLARWORLD modules powering over 5000 streetlights in Angola

SOLARWORLD Africa’s partner Servdes Solar supplied the largest infrastructure streetlight project in two provinces in Angola.

37 Sun-TVs for rural communities to watch FIFA Soccer World Cup games

SOLARWORLD Africa also designed and supplied solar powered television sets, so-called Sun-TVs, to enable 37 rural communities across Southern Africa to enjoy the FIFA Soccer World Cup games in 2010 and 2014

Africa’s first 1 MWp rooftop installation at Ceres Fruit Growers in South Africa

SOLARWORLD Africa’s partner ATI installed Africa’s first 1 MWp photovoltaic system for embedded generation on the roofs of a cold storage facility in the Western Cape in South Africa

Gregor Küpper, Managing Director since 2006, takes over SOLARWORLD Africa in a Management Buy Out. Together with his experienced team he is leading the business into the future.

Client Loyalty through Quality Energy Solutions

The 1MW to 3.6MW expansion at Ceres Fruit Growers, installed by SOLARWORLD Africa’s partner ASI, showcases that the adoption of quality products bring returning clients.


SOLARWORLD Africa celebrates 40 years of leading solar energy solutions across the continent, driving sustainable progress and innovation in renewable technology.