40 year anniversay

Photovoltaic For Africa Since nineteen eighty four.

HIGH efficiency

We design highly efficient, reliable solar systems. Our promise: Premium components, configured in an optimal way. Our know-how: Decades of experience, extensive product knowledge, continuous performance tests and German engineering excellence.


We know Africa – for 40 years. The logistics is standard for us. Many components are available from our warehouse on short notice. With our network and partners, we organize well-timed and secure deliveries throughout the entire African continent.


The long-standing cooperation with established global manufacturers, high volume procurement and comprehensive stock on hand, give us the advantage to offer attractive pricing. And our advantage is your benefit: Premium product at best prices.

On- or Off-Grid – we configure and deliver high performance photovoltaic components and systems for commercial, residential and infrastructure applications. Since 1984.

40 years and more than
35.000 Projects

Ceres Koelkamers, South Africa, Western Cape

A pioneer in the agricultural sector, showcasing the ideal combination of photovoltaic energy generation for agricultural produce long term cold storage – 508 kWp installed in the first phase.

Holden Manz Winery, South Africa, Stellenbosch

A proof for aesthetically pleasing architectural integration of a photovoltaic installation into the daily direct electricity consumption of a residential and farming building.

Sun-TV, across southern Africa

SOLARWORLD Africa also designed and supplied solar powered television sets, so-called Sun- TVs, to enable 37 rural communities across Southern Africa to enjoy the FIFA Soccer World Cup games in 2010 and 2014

Water pumping system, Kenya, Maasai Mara National Reserve

A community of Maasai receive clean drinking water for themselves and their cattle by this independent water pumping solution in the Southern part of Kenya. The systems secure the water supply and take away the daily need to fetch water from a waterhole which is kilometres away.
More Projects

Bella Frutta Packhouse, Ceres

A specialized apple and pear packing facility, located in Ceres, has not only achieved operational stability and significant cost savings but has also made a commendable contribution to a sustainable future.

Vodacom Regional Head Office, South Africa, Cape Town

In ICT services, the Vodacom Head Office in Century City where solar electricity is providing energy for this leading mobile service provider’s business services.

Dube TradePort, South Africa, Durban

In agriculture, the Dube TradePort IDZ in Durban, the Cape Span and the Rooibos Ltd. plants in the Western Cape where solar electricity is used to provide renewable energy in the production of agricultural supplies with lowered carbon emissions.

Private Game Lodge, South Africa, Kruger National Park

In the Northern area of South Africa’s largest game reserve, 10kWp of modules are providing the power to charge 55kWh of battery storage. This system is designed to supply all electrical consumers and a 20.000 litre drinking water supply in the luxury lodge.

Streetlight Infrastructure Project, Angola, Malanje and Uíge Province

Over 5000 solar streetlights installed in rural cities and villages in two provinces in Angola, increasing visibility and safety in traffic and providing light to pedestrians all night long. The cabinet positioned underneath the PV module is housing the charge controller and SLA battery.

V&A Waterfront, South Africa, Cape Town

The number one tourist destination in the whole of Africa, situated in Cape Town, is using more than 1.3 MWp of solar electricity. Parts of their premises are offsetting their entire electrical consumption, for example the Watershed.

Mozambique, Vilanculos

Private lodge situated on a small island powered by a 9.6 kWp solar system which combined with a lithium ion battery system makes the lodge independent from the diesel generator.

Rooibos Ltd, South Africa, Clanwilliam

The largest Rooibos Tea manufacturer in Africa started with a 500 kWp system to offset their carbon emissions. After the successful trial phase the capacity was doubled to 1 MWp, to cover the total energy consumption of Rooibos Limited.

Xigera Camp, Botswana, Okavango Delta

Wilderness Safari deployed SOLARWORLD products on many of their Safari lodges in Africa, the perfect way to safe carbon emissions in this intact natural environment.

Just PREMIUM Manufacturers

For decades we have been actively servicing the African photovoltaic market. Manufacturers with outstanding product quality are counted among our Premium Partners.

Leading the inverter shipments statistics for the past 4 consecutive years, Huawei developed to the largest inverter manufacturer globally. Highly efficient inverters for residential, commercial and utility photovoltaic systems.
Founded in 2005, JA Solar provides today manufacturing capacities ranking in the top 3 manufactures globally. JA’s monocrystalline high-performance PV modules are best suited for the African temperature environment – top products along the entire value chain.
Since 1996, REC has become a leading global manufacturer. Outstanding quality track record, high product efficiency and the lowest industry claim rate warrant the long yield stability and are their main product benefits – reliability of a European brand.
Founded in 1981 SMA has been setting technology trends in the renewable industry. SMA products form part of our product offering for more than 15 years. Top performing, established products for On- and Off-Grid use in Africa.
Tesvolt manufacture Award Winning industry record, made in Germany, lithium-ion based power storage units with maximum durability – low & high voltage solutions for On- and Off-Grid use.
SCHLETTER GROUP represents a world, with harmony between economic progress and the environment. For 50 years the name Schletter has stood for first-class quality in metal processing and today it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar mounting systems.
BYD is a multinational high-tech company with more than 230,000 employees. Since its foundation in 1995, the company quickly developed solid expertise in rechargeable batteries and became a relentless advocate of sustainable development, successfully expanding its renewable energy solutions globally with operations in over 70 countries and regions.
Swiss engineered and German manufactured, Meyer Burger combines innovative cutting-edge technology with tradition and courage to create unique photovoltaic systems. As a manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic cells and modules, Meyer Burger use their own developed leading heterojunction/SmartWire technology.
ATESS Power devotes itself to delivering integrated clean energy solutions to every corner of the world. Based in Shenzhen, China, it offers energy storage solutions ranging from 5 kW to MW scale. With a worldwide service network, its products have been installed in 85+ countries.
As a world-leading tier 1 new energy enterprise, Risen Energy has more than 45 key business core technologies and has established a national level photovoltaic laboratory. Risen’s products have passed international certifications, and are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Europe, America, South Africa and Asia.

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