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SOLARWORLD Africa and Risen Energy: Driving Solar Innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa

SOLARWORLD Africa, a leading provider of solar energy solutions in Southern Africa, has recently partnered with Risen Energy, a Chinese based, tier 1 solar panel manufacturer known for producing some of the most efficient and durable solar panels in the world.


Perfectly suited for our African climate, the Risen Energy Hyper-ion HJT solar modules are designed to operate at high temperatures and generate 5.61% more electricity every year compared to a standard mono PERC module in Johannesburg, as an example.


With 40 years of experience on the continent, SOLARWORLD has been a pioneer in promoting renewable energy solutions across Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa. Says Gregor Küpper, Managing Director of SOLARWORLD Africa: “We do understand the better performance of hetero-junction cell technology and the benefits of partnering with this renowned company and have formalised a relationship that sees Risen Energy panels being imported to Southern Africa. Their solar modules perform exceptionally and we expect great things going forward.”


One of the newest and most exciting products from Risen Energy is their Hyper-ion HJT solar panel. This innovative technology combines heterojunction cells with a high-efficiency passivated emitter rear cell (PERC) structure, resulting in a solar panel with unmatched efficiency and performance. The Hyper-ion HJT solar panel has an impressive efficiency rating of up to 22.3%, which means it is able to generate more electricity from the same amount of sunlight compared to other solar panels.


The Hyper-ion HJT solar panel also has a high tolerance to shading, which is important in regions where buildings and other structures may cast shadows on the solar panels. This means that even in partially shaded areas, the solar panel will continue to generate electricity at a high level of efficiency.


“The Hyper-ion HJT solar panel is a prime example of a high-quality solution as its innovative technology is well-suited to our climate and offers unmatched efficiency and performance. This is an attractive USP for our customers.”


Another feature of this product is that it boasts a longer lifespan compared to many other solar panels on the market. With a degradation rate of only 0.25% per year, by the end of the 30th year, the Hyper-ion HJT has a power retention rate above 90%.


“So while the product warranty for the Hyper-ion HJT solar panel is 12 years, the long-term efficiency and durability of the panel ensures that customers will benefit from solar energy for many years beyond the warranty period.” This is a quality feature in line with SOLARWORLD’s business strategy to provide long-standing and new customers with access to advanced solar technology solutions.


Küpper concludes, “By importing Risen Energy’s Hyper-ion HJT solar panels into Southern Africa, we are promoting sustainable and reliable energy solutions for homes, businesses and communities across the region.


Africa is now indeed well on its way to achieving a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

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