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Smartlogger 3000A01EU

The Huawei Smart Logger 3000A is dedicated to monitoring and managing a PV power generating system.
It can connect up to 80 devices and centrally monitors information regarding connected solar modules and inverters.
Remote control of active and reactive power.

Max. number of connected devices: 80
USB and embedded web for data reading and software upgrade
Compatible with older Huawei V1 inverter range and newer M0, H1 inverter range.


Huawei Digital Power is committed to integrating digital and power electronics technologies and converging energy and information flows, in order to manage watts with bits and drive the transition toward a green and low-carbon energy industry.
In terms of clean power generation, we have launched smart PV and energy storage solutions that address three main scenarios–utility-scale plants, commercial & industrial (C&I), and residential.

Through continuous innovation, we aim to lead and promote the development of the smart PV industry and make green power a primary energy source for every home and organization.

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