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Sunny Tripower 50-41 Core1

Rated power: 50 kW
Topology: Transformerless
Network connection: Three phase
Number of independent MPPT inputs: 6
Strings per MPP input: 2
MPP voltage range: 500V – 800V
DC connection: SUNCLIX
Dimension in mm: W: 621 H: 733 D: 569
Weight: 84.0 kg

World’s first free standing inverter
Up to 60 % faster installation for commercial PV systems
Floor-mounted device easy to install
No DC fuses required
Integrated DC disconnector
Integrated Wifi access with any mobile device
AC/DC overvoltage protection (optional)
Up to 150 % DC:AC ratio
Six independent MPP trackers guarantee optimal energy production for every use,
even in shading


Founded in 1981 SMA has been setting technology trends in the renewable industry. SMA products form part of our product offering for more than 15 years. Top performing, established products for On – and Off – Grid use in Africa.

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