40 year anniversay

SOLARWORLD Africa first to offer ATESS in South Africa

Leading provider of solar energy solutions in Southern Africa, SOLARWORLD Africa, is proud to announce it is the first company locally to offer the full range of ATESS solutions.


ATESS is a global supplier of solar energy storage solutions, dedicated to developing and delivering affordable clean energy to every corner of the world to those seeking energy independence. With an international service network with offices and warehouses on five continents, ATESS – working with SOLARWORLD Africa – is well poised to deliver superior products and excellent after-sales service to the Southern African market.


With 40 years of experience, SOLARWORLD Africa offers state of the art products and sales service to partners in the African Renewable Energy Sector. It is the exclusive representative or Tier 1 distribution partner for industry and technology leading global manufacturers and is thrilled to add ATESS to its portfolio.


SOLARWORLD Africa will not only focus on distributing ATESS hybrid battery and inverter technology, it will also offer high quality, complete solutions that include the ATESS batteries and where needed, the containerization of the ESS (Energy Storage Solution) for commercial and utility applications.


Says Gregor Küpper, SOLARWORLD Africa’s Managing Director: “We are excited to announce our partnership with ATESS and in so doing, being able to offer our partners the complete ATESS solutions. We are impressed with ATESS and their commitment into research and development. They constantly seek to create and innovate for a greener future, so adding them to our proposition is a proud moment for SOLARWORLD Africa.”

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