40 year anniversay

SOLARWORLD Africa, leaders in the solar energy market, celebrate 40 years

Since 1984, SOLARWORLD Africa has seen the changing photovoltaic landscape in Africa, and played a pivotal part in bringing world class partners and products to Southern Africa. As it commemorates its 40th anniversary, the company is proudly one of the longest-standing solar system suppliers in Africa and is excited to see how the industry evolves in the next 40 years.


Amidst a thriving market crowded with newcomers, SOLARWORLD Africa continues to emerge as a leader, offering unmatched expertise and quality in solar energy solutions and innovative products. Gregor Kuepper, Managing Director of SOLARWORLD Africa, says: “We are thrilled to celebrate 40 years of innovation, growth and impact in the renewable energy sector. From the start, SOLARWORLD committed to ongoing innovation in the photovoltaic space, and we have only partnered with manufacturers that understand our market. By offering solutions that meet and exceed expectations, we focus on the long-term benefits and not just benefits for the immediate future.”


Throughout its distinguished four-decade journey, SOLARWORLD Africa has remained determined in its commitment to harnessing abundant solar resources for driving positive change and sustainable development. The company has played a crucial role in advancing solar technology, delivering reliable and efficient solar products, and championing environmental responsibility.


As the world is embracing solar for various reasons, SOLARWORLD Africa has had a front row seat in witnessing its partners ramp up their offering, often introducing new technology. When the business started, a solar panel would offer 50Wp of output power. Today, panels offer an output power between 500-700Wp.


“The last few years have been exciting and with the introduction of technology such as Containerised BESS (battery energy storage system) solutions, perfect for the African continent due to their modular systems that easily integrate into existing energy sources, we see sustainable energy options shaking things up as they offer flexibility for tailored solutions. In addition to this, Containerised BESS offers quick deployment by providing a fast and reliable source of energy compared to grid infrastructure, thereby offering those affected by loadshedding a sense of relief on an ongoing basis – especially as more of these solutions are rolled out.”


As corporate SA, especially small businesses, are feeling the impact of loadshedding, Kuepper and his team attend international solar and energy expos to network and find new products or new partners who will positively impact their clients‘ businesses. SOLARWORLD invests heavily in staying several steps ahead of new and existing players in the industry.


“When introducing new technology to our clients, two key areas that need to be considered during decision making are cost effectiveness and reliability. We seek quality solutions that make sense financially and that offer savings traditional energy infrastructure cannot offer. But they need to be reliable with longevity and low maintenance, making them especially beneficial for remote areas where regular maintenance can be challenging.”


“Through these strategic partnerships and an unwavering dedication to excellence, SOLARWORLD Africa has empowered countless businesses to embrace clean energy solutions, thus reducing carbon footprints and fostering economic growth across the region,” says Kuepper.


Reflecting on the collaboration with SOLARWORLD, Jandre Engelbrecht, Managing Director of ASI, highlights the positive impact the partnership has had on his business: “Our partnership with SOLARWORLD Africa has allowed us to implement products that have consistently exceeded expectations, fostering strong and valued relationships. We have full confidence in SOLARWORLD’s product portfolio and appreciate their dedication to staying ahead of industry trends, allowing us to meet evolving end-customer requirements, particularly as the needs shift toward energy storage systems. Additionally, we have benefited immensely from their exceptional after-sales support, which has been consistently reliable for over a decade of installations, allowing my business to remain committed to providing ongoing assistance to clients.“


Kuepper concludes: „Our journey has been marked by resilience, vision, and a strong commitment to sustainability. As we commemorate this milestone, we reaffirm our dedication to driving the transition towards a cleaner and greener future for generations to come.“


In a rapidly evolving energy landscape, SOLARWORLD Africa remains the steadfast choice for those seeking a reliable and experienced solar system supplier. The company’s unparalleled track record, coupled with its ongoing commitment to excellence, makes it the preferred partner for solar professionals navigating Africa’s solar market.

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